Reference for normal generation algorithm in mdbc method


I am wondering what will be a good reference for this "automatic normal generation algorithm" shown below? Not the mdbc method, but this normal generation method.

We are developing a code based on DualSPHysics to extend it for granular materials (soils etc). We have some promising results and is drafting our first paper. Hopefully it can be completed soon. Of course we explicitly propagate DualSPHysics and refer many related papers.



  • Creating normal vectors for boundary particles in layers separated intially dp/2 from the bondary limit is sthg we have chosen based on our 3D cubic lattice.... In any case a good reference is English et al., 2022:

    English A, Domínguez JM, Vacondio R, Crespo AJC, Stansby PK, Lind SJ, Chiapponi L, Gómez-Gesteira M. 2022. Modified dynamic boundary conditions (mDBC) for general purpose smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH): application to tank sloshing, dam break and fish pass problems. Computational Particle Mechanics, 9(5), 911-925. doi:10.1007/s40571-021-00403-3.

  • You should look at the Maronne et al reference in the paper Alex shared.

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