Tracer - definition of starting points

Dear developers,

can you please give a short instruction forthe definition of the starting points of tracer lines in the .bat files. e.g. how to interpret the bold lines for the 08/wavesFlap example:

set dirout2=%dirout%\tracer

%tracerparts% -dirin %diroutdata% -savevtk %dirout2%/ColParts -onlytype:-all,+fluid -onlypos:2:-1:0.05:7:1:1 -nearpartsdist:0.04 -nearpartsdef:ptls[x=3:1:4,z=0.1:0.1:11] -tailsize:40

Many THX in advance!



  • Dear Dominik,

    All DualSPHysics tools provide information about execution parameters when run with -h option. This documentation can also be found in the directory doc/help of the full release package ( The help of TracerParts shows the following information:

    TracerParts v5.0.195 (06-10-2022)
      Selection of particles:
        -onlymk:<values> Indicates the mk of selected particles
        -onlyid:<values> Indicates the id of selected particles
        -onlypos:xmin:ymin:zmin:xmax:ymax:zmax  Indicates limits of particles
        -onlytype:<values>   Indicates the type of selected particles
           (+ means include, - means do not include)
           +/-all:       To choose or reject all options
           +/-bound:     Boundary particles (fixed, moving and floating)
           +/-fixed:     Boundary fixed particles
           +/-moving:    Boundary moving particles
           +/-floating:  Floating body particles
           +/-fluid:     Fluid particles (no excluded)
           (Preselected types: all)
        -nearpartsdef:<def>  Definition of points to select the nearest particle. It
           uses the same point definition format used by MeasureTool:
        -nearpartsdist:<float>  Defines the maximum distance to select the nearest
           particles (default: no limit).
        -limit:<int>     Limits number of selected particles (def=28118)
        -limitrnd:<int>  Random seed for selection according to limit number (def=8)

    Best regards,


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