Underwater Sliding Wedge

Hello, I am attempting create a similar scenario to the image attached, where is there a underwater wedge that slides down a slope, causing a wave. However, I have had many issues trying to fill the void with a fluid and I am not sure what mistakes I am making. I am very new to Dualsphysics so I appreciate that I maybe making a simple error but many help would be much appreciated. Thanks.


  • Hello

    What void?

    I don't download files from forum, if you wish you can upload to github so we can view them there.

    I would suggest to perhaps play around with a pre-existing example which is closest to your needs and fine tune that until you get your scenario - or alternatively look into the "fillbox"/"fillpoint" functionality and how you are able to fill an area based on box limits + an initial seed point.

    Hope you succeed.

    Kind regards

  • Hello,

    By void im just refering to the space where the fluid is meant to be placed, I have just struggled with filling the geometry with a fluid. I have uploaded the xml file to github (https://github.com/kaneshepherd/friendly-funicular) if you could have a look that would be very helpful. I have hit a bit of road block and I'm not sure how im using the fillbox function correctly. Any help would be much appreciated. I have also placed the geometry code below

    Many Thanks.



                      <setshapemode>actual | bound| fluid</setshapemode>

                      <setmkbound mk="0" />

                      <setdrawmode mode="full" />




                        <point x="0" y="0" z="0" />

                        <size x="4" y="3" z="2"/>



                      <drawbeach mask="128">

                            <point x="0" y="3" z="2" />

                            <point x="0" y="3" z="1.5" />

                            <point x="1" y="3" z="1" />

                            <point x="2" y="3" z="0" />

                            <point x="4" y="3" z="0" />

                            <point x="4" y="3" z="2"/>

                            <point x="0" y="0" z="2"/>

                            <point x="0" y="0" z="2"/>


                            <shapeout file="beach" reset="true"/>

                        <setmkbound mk="10"/>


                        <point x="1.00" y="0" z="1"/>

                        <point x="1.50" y="0" z="1"/>

                        <point x="1.50" y="0" z="0.5"/>

                        <point x="1.00" y="3" z="1"/>

                        <point x="1.50" y="3" z="1"/>

                        <point x="1.50" y="3" z="0.5"/>


                        <shapeout file="wedge" reset="true" />

                        <setmkfluid mk="1"/>

                         <fillbox x="3" y="1" z="1">


                            <point x="0" y="0" z="0" />

                            <size x="4" y="3" z="1" />


                        <shapeout file="" reset="true" />  




  • Great!

    I have not run your code, but I think I found your mistake:

    The first 3 coordinates in "<fillbox x="3" y="1" z="1">" define the starting seed (fill point). This you have placed in (3,1,1).

    Then in the inner-part you define the starting point of the geometric box and its size. Here I note that you have put the starting seed just on the edge of your geometric box in z direction, which is what I think ruin its for you. It has to be inside the geometric box, so putting it to z = 0.5 should work.

    Try: "<fillbox x="3" y="1" z="0.5">"

    But remember it can be any seed, just has to be INSIDE the box.

    If this is not the reason, then I hope someone else can fix the issue for you

    Kind regards

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