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Hi there, I am trying to test the max size of simulation using DSPH 5.0, and find the 'Size of data is invalid' error when the number of total particles is around 180 million. With a Tesla A100(80Gb) GPU card, 128 CPU cores and 128G ram, i can run two simulations(160 million particles each) at the same time with GPU version, but cannot run one simulation of 180 million particles, both for the the GPU and CPU version.

I don't know how it is related to the hardware memory size. I find the thread:, but still does not know exactly.

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    160 M can be allocated in that GPU card, but not 180 M

    On the other hand running more than on simulation on the same GPU card is an error. Even if you do not get them to crash your are not using efficiently the different memories and occupancy is far for being maximise.

    Running two simulations o the same GPu means that tareas can be accessing to the same memory locations and at the same time and that is not what you want when running singleGPU. Memory will not be separated but share and any problem can rise

  • Thank you Alex, it means, with the released version, for a single simulation case, the maximum number of particles is around 160M, no mater the GPU, CPU or RAM is, right? I will take your advise and won't run two simulations on the same GPU, thank you.

  • Maximum number of particles depends on the memory size of the GPU of course


  • Thank you Alex, but I still don't understand that why I still can't simulate the case more than 180M particles with CPU version, even that the memory size is quite enough.

  • With CPU version you can simulate the maximum that can be allocated in your RAM memory

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