Weird boundary discretization depending on dp

I am currently investigating resolution and its impact on simulation results in order to obtain the best compromise between accuracy of results and computation time.

By switching from dp 0.017 to 0.022 I now get an entirely different boundary discretization. I use an stl file for both the fluid and the container. Whereas the fluid has the autofill option active, this is not the case for the container, where I use a fillbox with a seed point that should be inside the outer and inner tank surface defining the tank shape.

I also use <setshapemode>actual | dp | bound</setshapemode>.

Here is how it looks like for dp 0.017 and what I want to have:

Note the few fluid particles inside the tank wall. For now I don't consider this issue vital. More relevant here is to know why I obtain following when switching to dp 0.022:

Note: The color is different because I did not adapt the idp scale. This is however not my issue here. The issue is that I have a fully filled tank wall with dp 0.017 but not with dp 0.22. Any idea why?


  • Hi,

    My guess is that with increasing dp, the two "shells" touches some place and so the fillbox stops because there is no more void.

    Can you show the seed point ?

  • Dear TPouzol,

    I moved the seed point by a few cm and now it works. Thanks!

  • Hi happy for you and thanks for giving feedback !

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