Ghost Particle Boundary Conditions

Hi, does anybody know this thesis that has DualSPHysics modificated to implement the Ghost Particle Boundary Conditions and has this been implemented in DualSPHysics or is planned to be implemented? It looks pretty promising:

Mashy David Green: "Sloshing simulations with the smoothed particle hydrodynamics (SPH) method", Imperial College London, November 2016


  • Hi, I implement it in dualsphysics rencently. It works well in free slip mode. However when it comes to no-slip, unphysical gap between fluid and solid particles can be observed. I find the same problem in MDBC.

  • Hello!

    The gap using mDBC should be much much smaller, almost insignificant. I assume you are aligning particles as specified, i.e. a set of boundary particles have a "slightly offset surface" of 0.5dp?

    Then the fluid particles would stop at this surface, which could lead to something which looks like a gap but in reality isn't.

    Kind regards

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