particle self contribution


This might be a well known question but when approximating densities or any quantity, do we include contribution from the center particle itself? If yes, does it not result in some sort of a bias, since it would have the highest contribution?

If there are previous studies on this, I am sure there are, could you people please write down in the discussion below which papers I should refer to?


  • I have recently started reading Daniel Price's thesis in my free time ( and the 2012 review paper. And it is making me realize that the generic SPH documents/resources that usually go something like "this is SPH particle approximation and this is the Navier Stokes discretization" are actually not touching so many important points.

    I would really appreciate if you could recommend resources where I could learn more about the essence of the method as well as its origins in probability theory.

  • For future references, this study explains the bias in density estimate, and the accuracy of SPH density estimate in great detail

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