measuretool not working with moving container

For my study case I am testing a container that follows an acceleration in z direction. For this I've implemented the trajectory in a txt file and added a motion in the xml file

In the bat file following commands are used (which work in the static file wheren the motion tag is not present but an external acceleration file instead.

Note: the missing options on line 70 and 72 are:

-savevtk %dirout2%/PointsPressure_Correct  -savecsv %dirout2%/_PointsPressure_Correct


-savevtk %dirout2%/PointsPressure_Incorrect -savecsv %dirout2%/_PointsPressure_Incorrect

I've tested by REM-ing it out step by step and having REM-ed all three cases of measuretool use out it ran through flawlessly.


  • I took a deeper look into the bat file and I realized that I had the mk number wrong. After correcting it it now works. So we can close this thread,

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