Issue with gauges-->swl: Output not as expected

I am currently experimenting with gauges for an academic simulation case a bit similar to the dam break case. I post a picture of an intermediate simulation step with some geometry and the gauge section in the xml file.

Unfortunately the output in the csv file is not at all as expected. It only seems to give the value for the starting point of the measure line, see following picture for the swl_z1 as an example:

What went wrong?


  • Mass limit 0.4 in 2d?

  • If I remember well I've used 0.2 for previous test runs without any difference. But I will try again with the value you suggested.

    I assume this value represents the mass value used to evaluate liquid height? (To my understanding 1 would be below the surface, 0 above the surface)

  • Sounds right to me.

    Kind regards

  • I've run the test case with a mass limit of 0.4 as suggested. Still no change in the results...

  • You have to be sure that you have particles created in y=0

    then you have to be sure that the zmin and zmax will be the range where fluid particles will be moving


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