Changing Orientation of a Cylinder

I am considering the basic script in DualSPHysics ''FloatingSphereVal2D''. In this case one models a sphere dropping in two dimensions by dropping a cylinder on its side and then taking a two-dimensional section, with the script below:

<shapeout file="Boundary"/>

          <setdrawmode mode="full" />

<setmkbound mk="51" />

          <drawcylinder radius="1.0" mask="0">

            <point x="0" y="2" z="14" />

            <point x="0" y="8" z="14" />


          <shapeout file="" reset="true" />


I am trying to model a two-dimensional section of a cylinder falling so that the base of the cylinder impacts on the liquid first (ie. a vertically falling cylinder), how are the points in the script above modified to do this? I have tried what I think should be the modification but it did not work for some reason.

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