Hello all,

I was wondering which option to use to measure velocity at individual points at different times. For example,

t=0 x0,y0,z0

t=1 x1,y1,z1

t=2 x2,y2,z2


I do not want to interpolate along a line but rather read the velocity at one particular location at each time step.

I could create a points file with the coordinates of the points I am interested in, but that would calculate velocities at all those points at all time steps. Is there a cleaner way to do it?



  • Hi,

    I think your only option is to have three different commands using the otions -first and last

    %measuretool% -dirin %simData% -points pointFile.txt -onlytype:-all,+fluid -kcusedummy:1 -kcdummy:NaN -vars:-all,+vel.x,+vel.y,+vel.z,+vel.m -savecsv %dirout2%/{}.csv -first:{} -last:{}

    Good day

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