Error boundary out-floating body excluded

edited September 2022 in DualSPHysics v5.0

Hi everyone,

I get the following error : "Fixed, moving or floating particles were excluded. Check VTK file Error_BoundaryOut.vtk with excluded particles."

Usually when I have this error, a floating body becomes crazy or the initial domain isn't big enough. I forced the domain to be way bigger in the parameter section and when I post process the results the behavior of floating bodies seems normal. Plus, I can't display the Error_BoundaryOut vtk file, even represented with Point Gaussian. The initial radius is strange, -1e297 and even if I increase it I can't see where the floatings are excluded.

Does someone have an idea on how to detect the error and where can it comes from ?

Thank you.


(I attached the Error_Boundary out file)


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