Simulation stops when use off-diagonal inertia elements (products of inertia)

edited August 26 in DualSPHysics v5.0

Hi there,

I'm having an issue when I set off-diagonal elements (products of inertia) of floating solids.

The simulation has 4 free solids and 2 of them can rotate in the diagonal vector (1,1,0), i.e., since I'm using chrono, they have links like:

<link_hinge idbody1="body1" idbody2="body2">
   <rotpoint x="1.0" y="0" z="2.0" comment="Point for rotation"/>
   <rotvector x="1" y="1" z="0" comment="Vector direction for rotation"/>
   <stiffness value="0" comment="Torsional stiffness [Nm/rad]"/>
   <damping value="0" comment="Torsional damping [Nms/rad]"/>

In the tag <floating>, I set the inertia matrix of these solids as:

   <values v11="10.0" v12="10.0" v13="0" />
   <values v21="10.0" v22="10.0" v23="0" />
   <values v31="0" v32="0" v33="1.0" />

However, when I try to run the case, the run.out file shows that simulation stops at the following point:

**CellDiv: Requested gpu memory for 2420126 particles: 18.7 MB.
**CellDiv: Requested gpu memory for 48024 cells (CellMode=Full): 0.7 MB.

When I modify the inertia of these solids in the xml and use only diagonal elements, for example:

<inertia x="20.0" y="20.0" z="1.0"/>

The simulation runs normally.

Any idea if there might be a problem with the tag inertiafull ?


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