Sphere Falling into a Body of Liquid

I have just started using DualSPHysics and note that in the below video they show the example of a floating sphere, where a buoyant sphere starts in the middle of a body of liquid and move upwards and bursts from the top of the surface (see at 9:38 in the video).

Is it possible to run this in reverse and have a sphere which starts suspended above the liquid and then falls into it under the influence of gravity? Also can one make this a two-phase flow, so that the sphere falls into water and then above the free surface of the water one also has air with specified density?


  • The short answer is yes, look through the examples and see what you can come up with

    Kind regards

  • Is there somewhere that one can download the .py file mentioned in the video as an example to work through?

  • How does one do a multi-phase flow? Can I just have a body which corresponds to the fluid and then put another on top of it corresponding to the gas phase?

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