Particles spurt out from inlet


We are trying to simulate the process that using a liquid/gas to exchange the original liquid/gas in a container.

To simplify this process, we use a closed and intercommunicate box like this. Inlet locate at the top border of left box, outlet in right one. There was an error displaying this embed. There was an error displaying this embed.

After a few steps simulate, the situation become like this:

  1. the first and most important problem is that particles would spurt out from inlet.
  2. I tried use a fix value for outlet, but that makes a hole around it. Does that mean use the extrapolated value option is better?

The xml file:


  • These would be my suggestions;

    To isolate the problem before you move on to outlet flow definition,

    1- Define the kernel size explicitly and make sure that you have enough boundary layers to provide full kernel support.

    2- Make sure that the speed of sound is at least an order of magnitude greater than the characteristic speed.

    3- Try changing the shifting correction option.

    4- Try it with Symplectic for time stepping.

    If you see an improvement after these, keep testing the effect of in/out settings.

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