Gear not rotating but no error message

Hey you all,

I have a question about a high-speed rotating shaft that doesn't seem to work properly. There are two gears on the same shaft, a small one and a big one. The small one rotates, but the big one doesn't. I thought that maybe it rotates so fast that Paraview can't visualize it anymore but it doesn't seem to rotate at all because it's not interacting with fluid particles. Here a picture:

As you can see, the fluid particles just "roll" down the teeth of the gear what indicates to me that it is not rotating at all. I calculated the outer speed of the gear (around 20m/s) and set the speedsystem accordingly, even way too much for some testcases but it just doesn't want to rotate. Here the contantdef from my xml:

What seems so strange to me is that I don't get any error message and the small gear on the same shaft is indeed rotating, so I guess there must be a problem with my speedsystem? Or am I doing something else wrong? I'd appreciate some advice a lot

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