Some Particles were excluded (Excluded for: position=0 rhop=0 velocity=962)


I am trying to run a (2D) simulation with two floating bodies - one of them is a large pillar that is around 2.7 m long and 0.235 m wide

Every time, I run the simulation at 5 m water depth, I get an error saying

If I look at the VTK file of the excluded particles, they are the top and bottom of the pillar and have very high velocities (pillar in white)

If I remove this pillar from the simulation, it works fine. Simulation with the other body alone works fine.

I have run a wave generation test in the same domain, so it is not an issue with the domain itself.

I have assigned no initial velocity to the body - so I am stumped as to how this velocity is assigned, that too only at the ends.

I have attached my XML file along with the stl files of the two floating bodies.

@Alex @Asalih3d If you could point out where the issue might be, it would be very helpful

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