6th DualSPHysics Workshop OCTOBER 2022

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We are pleased to announce the 6th DualSPHysics Workshop, taking place at Universitat Politecnica de Catalunya - BarcelonaTech (UPC), on 25th-27th October 2022.

The DualSPHysics Workshop brings together a growing community of users and developers of this open-source SPH code.

The program will include a day of training, delegate presentation sessions and lectures from DualSPHysics developers on the latest major developments and features of the code.

Day 1 (25/10/2022) will include two practical sessions:

- For developers about how to modify the source code in DualSPHysics (other kernel functions, equation of state or saving new array in the output files).

- For users where selected tests will be built and executed using the latest version of Graphical User Interface DesignSPHysics.

Day 2 (26/10/2022) and day 3 (27/10/2022) will be devoted to sessions for presentations by participants and lectures by developers on the main developments and applications of the code:

- New options during pre-processing

- New on BCs: mDBC for floating objects

- Fluid-structure interaction model for free-surface flows and flexible structures

- Updates about coupling with Chrono and MoorDyn

- New options for wave generation

Day 2 will also include an invited keynote lecture by Professor Abbas Khayyer (Kyoto University) on "SPH for new generation fluid-structure interaction solvers and reliable design of advanced coastal/offshore structures".

In addition, a beta version of the code (DualSPHysics_v5.2_BETA.zip) will be released for workshop participants only, including all major new features.

More information here: https://dual.sphysics.org/6thworkshop/


  • Awesome!

    Please pin this to the top of the forum.

    Kind regards

  • Good job!

    "In addition, a beta version of the code (DualSPHysics_v5.2_BETA.zip) will be released for workshop participants only, including all major new features." When will the beta version come into Github? How to attend online and will I get the new version if I attend online? Sincerely to thank

  • The event will take place in person. A beta version will be provided only to attendees and some months after we will release the code freely for public downloads.


  • What about Multi-GPU or CPU cluster implementation? Do you have plans to add that in the next new versions?

  • Thanks. But as I see from the workshop, there will be online participants, Is there any change?

  • That is an error since the event will be finally face to face.

  • There is NO online workshop, it was an error in the website

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