Maximum total size for STL's using mDBC?

Hey guys,

I already noticed that there is a maximum size a single STL can have using mDBC which is at around 40Mb (?). I reduced the size of all my STL's under that limit and tried to import then again but as soon as I reach ~150Mb of total STL size, I get the error message again saying that the size is invalid. Can somebody confirm that or am I doing something wrong? I never really had any problems with STL size before I was using mDBC.


  • Maybe a dev has any idea what the problem could be here since this is kind of a specific question? I'm trying since days unsuccessfully and I'm running out of ideas. The "limit of 150Mb" is probably nonsense because sometimes the error appears using even less memory. I tried increasing the triangle size of the STL's and thus reducing memory size. I tried changing the STL format from ascii to binary reducing the memory by quite a lot even more but I'm still getting the same error message. Importing only one of the STL's by themselves it works for all the parts so there must be a problem with the amount of STL's I'm trying to import, or something like this.

  • Also another question, I'm getting boundary errors defining very high revs per second on rotating shafts using mDBC. Lowering the revs per second fixes the problem, so I guess there must be a maximum rotating speed that I can define? If so, where is that limit exactly?

  • This is because you are not setting your maximum speed system. You just need to tweak it to your max expected velocity (in costantsdef)

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