Arbitrary floating filled solid geometry

Is there any way to represent an arbitrary geometry as a filled solid (for representing floating objects) ? I can get this to work for primitive shapes, but not for arbitrary geometry which ends up just creating particles at the surface of the object.

I read on a github thread that Gencase only recognises STL faces, but a suggested workaround was to use a fillbox (however this question was relating to a fluid region). When I create a fillbox enclosing my object, with fillpoint inside the object, and the object set to Bound, it just fills out to the fillbox borders, not stopping at the object geometry. Is there a setting I need to change for this to work?

Is there another workaround for what I want to do?

If there isn't, is there a way to override or fudge the mass / CoG / inertia tensor of the floating object to the correct value?

Thanks, Pete.


  • I suggest you only to use fillpoint and not the fillbox, like this:

                   <setmkbound mk="0"/>

                   <drawfilestl file="part1.stl" objname="part1" autofill="false">

                      <drawscale x="0.001" y="0.001" z="0.001" />


                   <fillpoint x ="0" y="0" z="0">



    Actually, you maybe just set the autofill to true and just do this:

                   <setmkbound mk="0"/>

                   <drawfilestl file="part1.stl" objname="part1" autofill="true">

                      <drawscale x="0.001" y="0.001" z="0.001" />


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