Sloshing tank tutorial problem

Hi, I'm following the youtube tutorial series with Freecad and VisualSPHysics, but have got stuck with the sloshing tank example DualSPHysics - How to set up and run: Sloshing Tank - YouTube.

I've tried following it several times in case I made a silly mistake, but in my simulation the tank does not move. I've attached the files I think are needed to open this (Freecad and XML). I had a look in the XML to see if anything was obviously wrong to me... but can see all of the major definitions I was expecting to see (but bear in mind I'm unfamiliar with the file syntax). What have I done wrong?

Also I am confused by the definition of two axes for the sinusoidal rotation of the tank object which has two axis vectors (0, -1, 0.25) and (0, 1, 0.25). The sloshing motion is presumably about the y axis (normal to the 2D simulation), so I'm unclear why there is a z component, and why are there two vectors with opposite y values?

Thanks, Pete.

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