Hi everyone,

I run a case using laminar+SPS and set viscosity as 0.003.

When I used ComputeForces function, at first I wrote the postprocess part in .dat as follows(I didn't specify the viscosity):

set dirout2=%dirout%\forces
%computeforces% -dirin %diroutdata% -onlymk:10  -savecsv %dirout2%/_ForcePlane
if not "%ERRORLEVEL%" == "0" goto fail

I met a warning which said "Attention: Viscosity was not applied since Visco=0". So I checked the ComputeForces_Help.out and changed my code as:

set dirout2=%dirout%\forces
%computeforces% -dirin %diroutdata% -onlymk:10 -viscolam:0.003 -savecsv %dirout2%/_ForcePlane
if not "%ERRORLEVEL%" == "0" goto fail

This time I still got the same warning but the numerial result changed. So I wonder

  1. Is there still something wrong in my code?
  2. In my first case, is there no viscosity term in force calculation?


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