Restart Chrono Error


I have downloaded the new version 5.05 which involves the new option of Restart the simulation while using Chrono.

I use this command:

%dualsphysicscpu% %dirout%/%name% %dirout% -dirdataout data -svres -restartchrono:1 -partbegin:2 %diroutdata% 

Unfortunately, the following error apears:

*** Exception (JBinaryData::CheckGetValue) at ..\source\JBinaryData.cpp:630

Text: Value Cpart not found.

Finished execution (code=1).


  • Oh, I didn't know the newest version could do that, sorry to hear about the bug, but thank you for making me aware!

    Have you tried on another file?

    Kind regards

  • Hi

    I have tested for other files, but the problem exists.

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