Issue while using autofill for imported .stl

In the last week I was trying to model a simulation with complex imported .stl that I needed to fill with particles, having implemented the mDBC for it.

With autofill=false, my initialization is correctly visualizised like this:

After setting autofill=true for the .stl, I'm getting this initialization:

Do you have any clue?


  • In Blender go and flip the normals of the geometry and reexport

  • I tried that but the result is still the same

    here are the two .stl

    here it is the results at the end of the process, encountering the same error with the autofill

  • I believe then the fix is to use the "invert normals" options in DualSPHysics.

    Try setting it both ways, one of them should work.

    Kind regards

  • I tried that, it seems there is nothing to do about it...

    The results keeps on being the same as the previous images

  • Then I believe there is a hole somewhere in your geometry, so that it is not "watertight"

    Kind regards

  • I used Beta CAE ANSA to check for everything.

    Nothing to be found neither in the original geometry, nor in the meshed surfaces. (the geometry is really not that complex)

    This eventually made me think there is some kind of bug in the code.

    Thank you for all your advices.

  • Upload the stl on github and I will give it a try for you.

    Kind regards

  • There is not a bug in the code, the code is just not "smart".

    Autofill does not work since it will try to fill from center of volume, which in this case is empty space, i.e. inverted version of your stl. To achieve what you want do something like this:

                        <setmkbound mk="0" />
                        <drawfilestl file="geartest.stl"/>
    					<fillpoint x="-3.36" y="4.121" z="1.733">

    Where fillpoint is somewhere inside your geometry.

    Kind regards

  • Oh nice! I didn't understood/know that the autofill used the same filling mechanism as the fillbox for liquid.

    Thanks a lot for your help!

  • Hi Iormal, sorry to jump in on your post. I was wondering if you generate layers only for your outer boundary or for your gears as well? Is there any tutorial to have a look at how to define layers for .stl files?

  • edited June 8

    Hi Pawan,

    I generated layers only for the outer boundaries.

    Unfortunately there is no layer generation ready-to-use-function which can be use right now for imported .stl.

    In order to reduce the solid particles in the domain, I've modified my geometry creating a hollow cavity in the inside, which is a raw but easy way.

  • Okay, that actually helps to know. Thanks Iormal.

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