There are questions about the number of layers of boundary particles

hello guys

I looked through the tutorial on XML files and found that if you are creating boundaries from XML files, you can choose the number of layers of the boundaries, as shown in the figure below.

But WHAT I want to know is, if I import STL file as boundary, is the boundary layer number fixed at one layer or can it be set?If you can set the number of layers, what should you do? There was an error displaying this embed.


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    For what I've tried so far, you cannot use <layers vdp="" /> for imported .stl file (yet).

    The only way to have more layers in.stl is by using autofill="true", which will fill the whole body with particles and can be really expensive if your body is too big.

  • I've also been plagued by the boundary layer number issues lately.thank you for your reply. But I didn't find the command autofill = "true". Can you share it with me,thank you

  • Of course, it comes after the "objname" parameter

    <drawfilestl file="externals_file.stl" objname="name" autofill="true">

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