Problem of Restart

First I restart the case of "CaseOpenFtMove", it works. The output directory "CaseOpenFtMove_1_out" is generated.

Then, I want to restart the simulation using the results in "CaseOpenFtMove_1_out",

However, the error occurs.

I check the Error_BoundaryOut.vtk from "CaseOpenFtMove_2_out", and try to modify the computingdomain,

<definition dp="0.02" units_comment="metres (m)">

        <pointmin x="-10" y="0" z="-10" />

        <pointmax x="10" y="0" z="10" />


<simulationdomain comment="Defines domain of simulation (default=Uses minimun and maximum position of the generated particles)">

        <posmin x="default-5" y="default-1" z="default-5" comment="e.g.: x=0.5, y=default-1, z=default-10%" />

        <posmax x="default+5" y="default+1" z="default+5" />


This operation still does not solve the problem. How to correctly reuse Restart?


  • I have met the same problem when I tried to restart again based on the original restart result.

  • Copy the file of "restart/data" into the original "out/data". The program not work.

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