Error when exceeding a number of particles


I am working with the DualSPhysics macro in conjunction with FreeCad. I am trying to simulate a 2D wave tank. The simulation works great up until I exceed ~120,000 particles, at which point I receive an error when I try to run the simulation:

I am using the GPU but when I switch it to CPU the simulation will solve, but it takes an unreasonable amount of time (multiple days while the GPU takes around 30 minutes). I would much appreciate any help with this problem as I cannot scale my simulation down sufficiently to reach sub-120,000 particles. Thank you!


  • How much memory do you have on your GPU?

    The error seems to indicate that GPU is flushing memory wrongfully. Can you go above 120.000 particles?

    Kind regards

  • Unfortunately no, the simulation will not run once I exceed 120,000 particles. The GPU has a memory of 8GB. Is there any way I can increase that virtually?

    Thanks for your help!

  • Something is wrong with your GPU if by only using 120k particles, all the memory is taken up. Try to run some of the test cases and see how many particles you can actually get going at once.

    No you cannot increase GPU ram virtually.

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