Tensile Instability Control?


I'm currently solving a problem regarding flow past a circular cylinder for relatively high Re (10000<Re<51000). In visualizing the flow field and eddies around the cylinder, the numerical solution does not converge.

I looked into the literature, and the following paper mentions the onset of tensile instability for high Re and their proposed tensile instability control (TIC) to counteract the issue and solve the numerical cavitation that occurs.

Does anyone know if this TIC is incorporated into DSPH and if so, how can it be implemented?

Additionally, implementing delta-SPH gives me a warning that it's obsolete. Is the replacement of Delta-SPH in DSPH the DensityDiffusion term? Also, does it become Delta-Plus-SPH (which the above paper says proved to be effective in preventing the onset of tensile instability) when particle shifting is toggled in "full" mode?

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