About Combining Motions

Hi everyone,

is there a way to combine motions inputs in order to obtain a more complex one, like a rototranslation of an object? For example, a rolling cylinder?

I focused on the example named Motion03 about hierarchy of motion, but I was unable to make it usable on a lone object (the example goes with 2)

Thank you


  • Hi,

    Have you looked at "motion example 03".

    best regards

  • Yes, I tried to make use of that, however I figured I couldn't use the same object for the hierarchy of the system (as already mentioned, unfortunately example 03 deals with 2 object)

  • Maybe it's possible to combine motions. I don't know since I haven't tried.

    However, you could use example 3 with a "dummy" intermediary object (1 single particule) that move outside the water interaction zone. It's a crafty dirty solution but should work.

    Best regards

  • You can indeed add motions together, without having to use "dummy" particles.

    You just need to have them just below each other and absolutely no hiearchy stacking.

    Try making a case where you apply x and y displacement seperately.

    Kind regards

  • I tried this path, but while the body is moving forward, the center axis defined before is not kept, such that a rolling wheel will be seen moving in a spiral.

    Because of this, given the absent of a multiple (and moving) reference system. What I am trying to do might be impossible.

    In order to prevent this I thought to circumvent the problem by making a moving floor with a rolling body (similarly to a wind tunnel strategy), but I am encountering some issue by doing this. Maybe I will open another thread if I will not be able to debug this.

    Thank you all for your interest in this case.

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