About force in DualSPHysics_v5.0\examples\main\01_DamBreak

I already understand how this force is set up to be able to output. But I have a question or conjecture:This force can only output the force that the fluid exerts on the side wall. What I understand is that the force here is the force of the fluid on the solid side wall calculated by the DBC boundary condition.

If I want to output the impact force of the particles on the wall (that is, there is only many floating bodies in the model and no fluid exists), it should be the force calculated using a certain discrete element contact model instead of by the DBC boundary condition. I also tried to output and compare the results, and found that the force output by the existing version (the force of the floating body particles on the side wall) is relatively small. In other words, the existing version does not support the force output of solid particles on the side wall. I don't know if I understand correctly, Can you give me some guidance or advice?

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