Gearbox Lubrication

Hi everyone,

in my freetime, I'm trying to adapt DualSPHysics to industry related issue like lubrication in gearboxes, knowing this software was mainly created to deal with coastal/maritime problems.

Is there any paper/studies about this?

Would you recommend or not DualSPHysics for this kind of problem?


  • Dualsphysics is definitely used in the industry to do exactly that. It's really not just for generating waves :D

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    I know that for SPH this is a usual application.

    However usually this is done with ISPH rather than a WCSPH like DualSPHysics, which made me questioning about whether there were some paper/work on this topic, because I couldn't find any in the internet with DSPH.

  • Perhaps Nextflow software?

    Do not quote me on this but I believe that DualSPHysics has a high priority on ISPH, so hopefully we will get that at some time.

    Kind regards

  • Nextflow software sure is interesting, with the two major downside which are the missing capability to run on GPU and a Siemens licence.

    Can't wait to see advancements in DualSPHysics 6.0!

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