simulating solitary waves using mdbc


I want to simulate solitary waves using MDBC, I wanted to know if it's possible? if anyone had a similar experience or if you've done this before I'd really appreciate it if you share your knowledge with me and help me.

thanks in advance


  • What were your findings?

    What have you tried?

    Kind regards

  • Hi, thanks for your quick reply,,

    to be honest I've tried generating solitary waves using the examples in the package, I changed a few details, but their boundary conditions were DBC, now I want to use "Modified Dynamic Boundary Condition", and I'm not sure how I should do it or to put magnitudes and properties in the right order, I'm working on it, but I wanted to get help or a little guidance, and wanted to make sure if it's even possible? I mean is Dualsphysics capable to simulate solitary waves using MDBC?

  • Try taking one of the examples in the package, and then add the mDBC boundary condition?

    If you are unsure of how to do it, then start working with the mDBC examples until you understand them. You can use "Glyph Filter" to visualize the normals, by choosing orientation and scale = 1 etc.

    Kind regards

  • Hello again,

    I have tried using the examples in the pack, now I'm trying to add an obstacle in the simulated flume, but I keep getting this warning : "There are 84 of 2218 fixed or moving boundary particles without normal data." the numbers are different due to the changes that I have made, I don't know why I'm getting this warning to fix the mistake, could you please help me?

    thanks in advance

  • Look at the generated normals and you will see that these have not been generated for inner-most particles since they are more than 2h away from the boundary of the object.

    It is a warning because nothing might be wrong. Just double check your normals.

    Kind regards

  • Thank you, I will check them

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