Parameters for DualSPHysics FSI simulation

Dear developer,

Please, could you inform the parameters used in the DualSPHysics fluid-structure interaction simulation (dam break flow with a tall structure inside the tank) to reach appropriate results?

The parameters of simulation in DualSPHysics will be slightly different from that presented in the literature for SPHysics (validation simulation). (Gomez-Gesteira M, Crespo AJC, Rogers BD, Dalrymple RA, Dominguez JM, Barreiro A (2012). SPHysics – development of a free-surface fluid solver – Part 2: Efficiency and test cases. Computers & Geosciences 48: 300-307.

Thank you for your attention.

Best regards.


  • We should reproduce that case now with DualSPHysics, and we have not...

    Can you share with us the XML ( and we will try to help.


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