Chrono Hinge has no effect


I am trying to set up a case of two articulated floating bodies which are connected via a hinge in 2D. I am working with DesignSPHysics.

Unfortunately the hinge does not seem to have any affect on my simulation and the two bodies just move independently in the waves.

The case is very basic which is why I am very confused. I already tried around but with no useful achievements.

When both of my floating bodies are the same MKBound they seem to be connected, but in a stiff way (as if they where one body). If I assign different MKBound to them they behave as described above.

I am very new to SPHysics so please apologize if the question is dump. I attached my projekt file as a zip.


OS: Ubuntu 21.10

CUDA: 11.3 (nvcc)

GCC: 9.4

DualsSPHysics 5.0


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