Chrono Multi core execution


I used to run my cases with the v5.0.2 of DualSPHysics and use the line ompthreads in the chrono execution (see first screenshot) to use the several threads of my devices. I recently re downloaded the latest version v5.0.4 and the same case didn't run and I have an error with this line (second screenshot). If I remove this line I am able to run my case but the execution of Chrono is only made on 1 thread (third screenshot) and the results are very different compared to the same case runned on the v5.0.2.

How can I fix that and impose a multi core execution with the latest version ?

Thank you for your help,




  • Latest version includes a more stable version of collision algorithm of Chrono where only single-core option uses the proper geometries.

    Previous versions of Chrono with the option of multicore made a simplification in the geometries that we want to avoid.

    Therefore in the latest version only single-core is used so that option is not available now and the user can not choose number of cores.

    This should be listed in CHANGES.txt


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