DrawPoints at EXACT location


In the CaseTemplate.xml I found:

But it only works with the cartesian grid. is there some way to force DualSPHysics to make points at the exact locations specified by the points?

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  • Dear Asalih

    There is an option called "free points", but it is not available in the online version (at least with documentation).

    We can investigate the use of "draw points" with "freedrawmode", perhaps that can solve these issues.


  • Hi Alex!

    Thank you for the answer, I actually ended up trying it yesterday, but just wanted to wait a bit to see if there was a better option. I can confirm that using freedrawmode and drawpoints actually works and allows you to place particles whereever you want, which is so great!

    Thank you very much.

    Kind regards

  • @Alex I just tested in 3d trying to use this method to put points extremely close to each other. Imagine you have two flat planes of particles and your initial dp = 0.1. Instead of putting the two planes at a 0.1 distance from each other, I want them extremely close imagine 0.01 distance:

    Imagine looking in from the side, I want something as shown to the right and not the left. Even when using FreeDrawMode I do not have this complete control unfortunately. Do you know of any solution?

    Kind regards

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