How to specify where a velocity should be set on rigid body?

edited January 3 in DualSPHysics v5.0


Suppose I have a log in water as shown below:

It is a floating rigid body where for explanation sake I have placed 3 labels; A, B and C.

If we give this floating body a velocity in DualSPHysics, then currently every particles in the floating body will get the same velocity - this coincides with the concept of pulling the log from its center of mass, i.e. B.

What if I wanted to pull the log from A or C? Can I in some way specify this without having to a trick with splitting it into two bodies in DualSPHysics? The reason this is important is that if we pull from A or C in the direction of the arrow we would also expect the log to rotate, compared to pulling it from its middle.

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