Chrono: two balls collison problems

Dear all,

When I used Chrono to simulate the motion and interaction between two balls sedimenting in viscous fluid, In some special cases I found two balls merge into one ball when sedimenting(I changed CFL but it didn't always work). I wonder how to fix it?

Another problem I met is I could't sucessfully simulate the trajectory of a spinning sphere entering into water. Its trajectory was still symmetry, resembling non-spinning sphere.



  • Hello LLL!

    Did you play with distancedp parameter in Chrono?

    From the XML_GUIDE_CHRONO.pdf made by DualSPHysics Team:

    Kind regards

  • In many simulations I am performing now I have been using only 0.1*dp, which is quite a minimum nice value for high resolution problems.

  • Thanks for your help@Asalih3d@Alex. I'll have a try.

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