There is a problem defining the motion of a floating

1.There is a problem about periodicity mismatch defining the motion of a floating. You can see from the picture 2 "code", I set the rotation center to be at left end point of the floating, and I set x rotation velocity to be "-20" at time "0" and "20" at time "0.05". But the simulated motion is not as expected, rod changes the rotation direction at around time 0.025 s, I thought the reverse time should appear at time "0.05". The file "rodflapping.7z" is the animation of the floating motion with a time step "0.01",

2.Another question is that I want  to only rotate the floating to one side, like from horizontal to one side as the last picture shows. I have tried but failed. So I want know how to define it to achieve my goal.

These problems are a little difficult to describe. Looking forward to your solution.

Thanks all the time.


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