Water Level Across Basin with Wave maker

Hello all,

I am trying to use the measuretool in Designphysics to get water level across a wave basin after running a set of waves. I am trying to follow some of the other examples in the forums, but I am still getting a constant elevation. I am setting up my "grid of points" incorrectly I assume. My basin has a sloping floor.

This is my grid of points setup:

I want a measurement of water level every meter across the basin, but I am still getting 4 meters for the water level at every point. I used 4 meters because that is the base below the sloping floor. Any thoughts?

Thank you!


  • Have you tried plotting the actual points generated by the vtk you output when using measuretool?

    It is difficult to help more than that, when no axes are present in your first picture. What you are doing in the Measure Tool Points dialog seem to make sense to me, that you are trying to generate a horizontal line (along the x-axis).

    Kind regards

  • You need to define a list of points in the column Z... where now you have only one value...

    Check the examples in the package like in: DualSPHysics_v5.0\examples\main\09_WavesPiston

    and read the guide "PostprocessingCalculations_v5.0.pdf" that you can find in DualSPHysics_v5.0\doc\guides


  • I figured it out! Was being a little dense with the pdf! Thank you both for your help!

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