How to restart the simulation I paused


In the examples/others/restart,

I click the[wCaseOpenFtMove_win64_GPU] to start the simulation, but if I want to restart it (the last file is Part_0017), Can you tell me how to do it exactly?

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  • Change this to 17. It is on line 80 in the file.

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  • Asalih3d, I appreciate your help.

    But I did what you told and changed 100 to 17, but after double-clicking the [wCaseOpenFtMove_win64_GPU] file, the simulation started from Part_0001, which means it started from the beginning again and my previous 17 files were automatically deleted.

    Can you tell me what is going on?


  • It is because a lot is going on in that file. First it is running the initial case for 1 second, then it stops. Afterwards it continues by restarting the simulation from 1 to 4 s.

    You have to go through each line thoroughly to exactly understand what is going on.

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  • Thank you very much for your patience in answering my simple question.

    I have successfully solved my problem following your words.

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  • No problem at all, thanks for asking it, I am sure it will be of benefit to others as well!

    Have fun with your simulations,

    Kind regards

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