Help with my code Please.

Please, I need help with this my simulation.

I have a problem. I don't know why. You will find attched the pictures.

Could this be it?.


<mode value="3" comment="Shifting mode 0:None, 1:Ignore bound, 2:Ignore fixed, 3:Full" />

<coefficient value="-10" comment="Coefficient for shifting computation (default=-2)" />

<fsthreshold value="1.5" comment="Threshold to detect free surface. Typically 1.5 for 2D and 2.75 for 3D (default=0)" />


<posref x="0" y="0" z="0.2" comment="Domain reference position" />

<size x="2" y="0" z="0.6" comment="Size from reference to define shifting domain" />




  • If you have a free-surface case you do not need to apply shifting... why do you need shifting here?

    Can you share the entire XML, please?


  • Yes , off course.


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