CHRONO: variable dp for fluid and floating bodies

Dear all,

I wonder is it possible to have different "dp" for fluid and floating bodies?

Another question is in chrono part, I set the schemescale value as "100", but the result was the same as value “1"(<schemescale value="1" comment="Scale used to create the initial scheme of Chrono objects (default=1)" />).

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  • Hi Chloe!

    I am also a bit curious about this now, since if that was possible it would be very relevant for me. Looking at XML_GUIDE_CHRONO.pdf, it is seen that this option is to do with the vtk output only and not the dp resolution:

    That is why your result was the same when looking at the particle distributions.

    Kind regards

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    Thank you very much @Asalih3d

  • Here we are taking about the file "CfgChrono_Scheme.vtk"

    If you visualise that in Paraview you will see the difference


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