boat in a channel using inlet/outlet DualSPHysics v5.0


I'm trying to simulate the flow around a boat in a channel, using the inlet/outlet way, but I encounter two problem I can't explain.

First, even if the flow Froude number is 0.8, I obtain a wave downstream the inlet, as you can see on picture "hydraulic jump", which breaks a few iteration after. How could I correct my simulation in order to not have this kind of hydraulic jump ?

Second, I tried a long simulation on 300 seconds, but at 46 second, the bottom of the channel acts like it dissapears, and all particules leave the domain. You can see in attachment three screenshots of the simulation, an extract of the run file and the xml case file. I don't see the cause of this problem, maybe someone could tell me where i've misused an option ?

Please let me know if you have any idea which could help me, Thanks.

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