Gauge Setup

I am trying to achieve a *.csv output of a virtual gauge, and based on the guidance I have found online and as part of this forum, I have written the following as part of the .xml case input file:

I am slightly confused about the 'distance between check points' and the fact that there is an 'initial' and 'final' point (i.e. I don't want the point I am logging swl values to move, so can I just keep these two values the same, as above? or even just not have a point2 value?).

When I use the above setup, I just get swl readings of 0 throughout the simulation (which is otherwise producing meaningful outputs).

I appreciate that some of the test cases include the use of gauges, however, I was hoping someone might be able to point me towards some information as to what these values refer to, and/or, how to approximate them - having searched through the wiki, I cant seem to find any information on gauges.

Thanks so much in advance, any guidance is much appreciated!


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