Cannot evaluate floatinginfo for restarted simulation


I am restarting floating simulation case from Part[XXXX] but there is a problem that the floatinginfo output file cant be generated, showing :

LoadDsphConfig> .../bin/linux/DsphConfig.xml

LoadFtInfo> Nonlinear_3DTest_restart_out/data/PartFloat.fbi4

Loading floating data...

FtCount: 1 

PartCount: 792 

Computing motion of floating bodies...

*** Exception (JBinaryData::OpenFileStructure) at JBinaryData.cpp:1624

Text: Cannot open the file.

File: Nonlinear_3DTest_restart_out/data/Part_0000.bi4

Does anyone know how to deal with this problem?

Additionally, the force and vtk computations are working. Also, I have been able to successfully use this in the past (in v5.0 itself).

export name=CASEFreeDecay

export dirout=${name}_restart_out

export diroutdata=${dirout}/data

# "executables" are renamed and called from their directory

# "executables" are renamed and called from their directory

export dirbin=/scratch/user/xyz/bin/linux


export gencase="${dirbin}/GenCase_linux64"

export dualsphysicscpu="${dirbin}/DualSPHysics5.0CPU_linux64"

export dualsphysicsgpu="${dirbin}/DualSPHysics5.0_linux64"

export boundaryvtk="${dirbin}/BoundaryVTK_linux64"

export partvtk="${dirbin}/PartVTK_linux64"

export partvtkout="${dirbin}/PartVTKOut_linux64"

export measuretool="${dirbin}/MeasureTool_linux64"

export computeforces="${dirbin}/ComputeForces_linux64"

export isosurface="${dirbin}/IsoSurface_linux64"

export flowtool="${dirbin}/FlowTool_linux64"

export floatinginfo="${dirbin}/FloatingInfo_linux64"

export dirout2=${dirout}/floatinginfo

${floatinginfo} -dirin ${diroutdata} -onlymk:61 -savedata ${dirout2}/RAO 

if [ $? -ne 0 ] ; then fail; fi

This is my job file


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