Compressibility issue


I have a significant gap between my floating body and the fluid particles. Can this gap comes from compressibility issues ? I tried to change the sound coefficient of my model to reduce compressibility but the problem still appears. The resolution dp improve the results but I am limited in reducing the particle size.



  • DBC, try mDBC

    Also some boundary objects need a lot more particles, to properly get the weight represented. I see you mention you are limited, this is unfortunate - can only be solved then by having different dp's but not possible in this version of DualSPHysics.

    Kind regards

  • You should impose the mass of the body if you know the actual value, that is better than imposing density since this one will be used to compute mass and it depends on resolution.

    The gap will be produced by DBC as Asalih3d explained to you, and also high coef sound can lead to a higher gap.

    The solution is to use mDBC, but you can not apply that to floating bodies yet.... next release will support this.


  • Hi, thanks for your answers.

    Indeed I imposed the mass of the body to have the exact weight and I am already using mDBC for walls and obstacles but as Alex mentioned I can't use it for floating bodies yet.


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