Modify model based on real experiments.

Dear all,

I did a simulation of that sphere (the floating object) dropping into water. And I compared it with the laboratory experiment. I observed that the first wave parameters (amplitude, height, period) have a good fit with the real case. But the third wave is very different.

I find the reason is about the generation of the third wave. In reality, when the sphere falls into the water, it will move up to the surface, then drop into the water again, and then move up to the surface again. But in my simulation, when the sphere moves up to the surface firstly, it will not drop down to the water again. I don't know how to modify it.

So could you mind giving me some suggestions? The specific information refers attached code of my simulation. The name of the XML file is "test_light_51n_Def.xml".

By the way, there is another problem in my simulations, the velocity is too large in the boundary of my wave 3D basin, as shown in the attached picture. How can I fix it?

Many thanks.

Kind regards,


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