The linkage motion define couping the Projectchrono

Hi all,

I am newer with Dualsphysics, and try to build a two joints robot swimming, I build a simple model with two rods, then couping with Projectchron set up the hinge linkage between these two rods. Afterthat I try to actuate the rod, but an error jumps out said the combing floating and moviing objects is not allowed,yet, how ever the projectchrono couping have to set up the objects as floating state.

Do you have any ideas about that, any suggestiones, I will be appreciate it.




  • If chrono does not support moving objects yet, then give this a try:


    And also look at example 12 in Chrono folder.

    Kind regards

  • Thank you so much for your advise.

    I have checked the demos you mentioned above, the Motionfloating case may works for my project.

    It seems I have to edit the XML file to reliazed the floating motiong function, but now I am using the GUI-FreeCad to run the simulation, it seems the GUI-FreeCad does no included all functions of Dualphysics. Do you know how can I run the XML file via FreeCad? Or is there anyother way to run the XML file directly.

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  • In order to run the XML directly you have to use the .bat (or .sh in linux) scripts you have in the folders with examples

    Please take your time to understand the content of .bat files, but it should be easy


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