SpsTauc after restarting

Hi all:

I noticed that for restarting simulation, the following variables (Pos, Idpc & Velrhopc) are read from the previous Part File in function --> void JSphCpuSingle::ConfigDomain().

//-Copies particle data.





But, I wonder why the variable, i.e. SpsTauc is NOT updated accordingly from the previous Part File?

I believe it should be updated as well from the previous Part file since this tau values will be used straightaway in InteractionForces() before it is re-computed based on the velocity gradients?

Looking for your advice.




  • Only magnitudes that you save in the output files of the simulations are reloaded when using RESTART.

    All the local variables that you compute during a simulation or that you do not save in the output files can not be loaded of course


  • Hi Alex

    Thanks for your prompt reply.

    By the way, I think you misunderstood my message anove.

    I just wanna check with you whether is it necessary to save "SpsTauc" in the output file, as this tau values will be used straightaway in InteractionForces() after restart?

    So far, even for restart, SpsTauc is set to 0 I believe, before the start of the predictor stage.

    Please correct me if I'm wrong.



  • Ah ok, I understood.

    Let me check this with @jmdalonso and @gfourtakas since now we will have to take a look to the code.

    I do not remember if is necessary to save that or if you can start again with zero value and with minimal errors.


  • Thanks Alex for your help.

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